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California Peace Officers Legal Sourcebook

Written and updated by the Criminal Division of the California Attorney General’s Office, the Sourcebook has been the primary teaching and training manual for all California Peace Officers since first published in 1984.

The Sourcebook arms law enforcement personnel with the knowledge to succeed at their jobs and provides legal principles and information to help you exercise good judgment. As an educational and training text, the Sourcebook will help you keep up with the major changes in criminal law and procedure.

If you are interested in increasing your professionalism through knowledge of the law and learning the bases for successfully obtaining and upholding convictions, read this book.

Chapter List

  1. This Sourcebook and the law
  2. Search and seizure persons
  3. Search and seizure premises
  4. Search and seizure vehicles
  5. Search and seizure misc
  6. Search warrants
  7. Statements
  8. Lineups and showups
  9. Report writing
  10. Criminal process
  1. Criminal process
  2. Evidence
  3. Testimony
  4. Criminal law
  5. Juvenile law
  6. Civil disputes
  7. Traffic law
  8. Driving under the influence
  9. Table of cases
  10. Subject matter index
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