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The CopWare Reference Collection is everything you need to become a better Peace Officer. Containing both the California Peace Officers Legal Sourcebook and the current set of CopWare California Codes, the CopWare Reference Collection will arm your PC with the critical information you need to excel at your job. You can even install it on your network (site license required). Even more, the text in the Sourcebook is annotated with links to the Codes. Whenever you see a reference to a code in the Sourcebook, just click it to read it! This invaluable tool lets you quickly and thoroughly research for promotional exams or prepare cases for conviction.

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The Reference Collection Includes:

California Peace Officers Legal Sourcebook

Written and updated by the Criminal Division of the California Attorney General’s Office, the Sourcebook has been the primary teaching and training manual for all California Peace Officers since first published in 1984.

The Sourcebook arms law enforcement personnel with the knowledge to succeed at their jobs and provides legal principles and information to help you exercise good judgment. As an educational and training text, the Sourcebook will help you keep up with the major changes in criminal law and procedure.

If you are interested in increasing your professionalism through knowledge of the law and learning the bases for successfully obtaining and upholding convictions, read this book.

Chapter List

  1. This Sourcebook and the law
  2. Search and seizure persons
  3. Search and seizure premises
  4. Search and seizure vehicles
  5. Search and seizure misc
  6. Search warrants
  7. Statements
  8. Lineups and showups
  9. Report writing
  10. Criminal process
  1. Evidence
  2. Testimony
  3. Criminal law
  4. Juvenile law
  5. Civil disputes
  6. Traffic law
  7. Driving under the influence
  8. Table of cases
  9. Subject matter index

CopWare California Codes

Perfect companion to the Sourcebook. All reference codes in the Sourcebook are appropriately cross linked to CopWare's California Codes. Buy the Reference Collection and SAVE!

The CopWare Codes includes complete unabridged versions of the California Penal Code, Vehicle Code, Evidence Code, Fish & Game Code, Welfare & Institutions Code and Division 10 of the Health and Safety Code. Selected provisions from additional California codes are also included. Includes Sections from all the following Codes:

Business & Professions
Civil Codes
Code of Civil Procedures
Food & Agriculture
Harbors & Navigation
Health & Safety
Public Resources
Public Utilities
Revenue & Taxation
Streets & Highways

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8 & 10
200 MB free hard disk space, Internet connection or CD-ROM drive for installation and updates

Web Access Only

The CopWare Reference Collection is now available for iPhone and Android. Enjoy many of the same features of the desktop software…all while on the go! Purchase the mobile app and use it on either your iPhone or Android device.

The app allows you to:

  • Always have the current version of the Sourcebook and California Codes
  • Search using keywords and phrases
  • Browse topics
  • Cross-link between the Sourcebook and Codes
  • Review legal and statutory updates
  • Navigate forward and backward using arrows or left-right swiping motion
  • Click "index" to return from the current page to its entry in the table of contents

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Mobile Access (iPhone or Android) - $85.00

Mobile Access + the CopWare Reference Collection - $149.90
(Web or Download)

One year subscription to the Sourcebook and California Codes

Compatible Devices
Available for Android OS 2.0 and newer, iOS 6.0 and newer

Please note that your department may upgrade its Site License to include mobile devices. Call toll free 877-COPWARE (877-267-9273) for more information.

The CopWare Reference Collection is also available for the Web. Log in to the web-based version of the software from almost any web browser. No installation is required, and you always have the most current version available.

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CopWare Reference Collection - $129.95
One year subscription to the Sourcebook and California Codes

Sourcebook Only - $85.00

System Requirements

Access from any web-enabled device, Macintosh or Windows.
Optimized for:
Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari
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CopWare Reference Collection
Includes a one year subscription to the Sourcebook and California Codes.

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Web Access

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Sourcebook Only

Download + Mobile

Web Access

Web + Mobile

Mobile Access (iPhone or Android)
Includes a one year subscription to the Sourcebook and California Codes for iPhone and Android.

Renew or Add 2019 California Codes
This product ONLY available for CURRENT Sourcebook subscribers.

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